The world's engineers are forced to use a wide range of software's and face their ability to manipulate the system to achieve optimal results in a short time. Every day is a new challenge. Market demands us to adapt, and in every day to come up with a new solution, with a new product, with a new gadget. To accomplish this, it takes passion, dedication, commitment, calculations, many calculations, ideas, proposals, solutions and communication. In the past 30 years, the market has changed dramatically. It went from drawing board to the graphics tablet, and even 3D scanners and 3D printers. On the market is a great plenty oriented software with many integrated modules which allow: drawing, modeling, assembly (CAD), simulation (CAE), CAM, planning, manufacturing timing, and even a virtual factory. What will the future hold for us? Who can we give an answer to this question? We want to find out together, and with our collaborators and partners to find the answer.


In the next few lines we will present you a welding joint, in two constructive solutions. It remains
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